Pate is the perfect gift

Fench Pate with SOup

When you get that long awaited invite to dinner or lunch, what do you take as a gift. It is so easy to grab a bottle of plonk from the wine rack and hand this to your host at the start of a meal. Why not do something original and take something a little different that won’t just be gobbled down and forgotten by the first course. Our delicious home made French Pate could see you as the favoured guest for the next house party. Why, because a pot of pate is something that lasts and can be used on multiple occassions by the whole family.

We love to open a jar when heading out on family picnics, you only need a fresh baguette or some bread and you have a ready to eat meal to devour in the sunshine. A jar of pate is light, compact and full of flavour so easy to carry. Never forget once you are done you can recyle the jar and fill them with your own homemade jams and preserves.

Remember, if you want to eat Pate like a local then you have to take Sophie’s words of advice:


Pate as a gift
Cut it like a cake! Not like the English do with butter!

Staying indoors and you can rustle up a quick meal for two with a bowl of soup and a dollop of Sophie’s pate in seconds. Pate can take the hastleaway from meal preparations and make feeding your herd/family a breeze. Your gift will unknowingly make your hosts life that much easier. They can also chose to use one fo the bottles of wine the other guests brought as a companion to the pate. Sophie would suggest a bottle of BeaujolaisVillages.

However you eat your Pate, just relax and enjoy one of the best things to come out of France since Garlic and Snails.


Pate on bread

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