Pâté and Tea Towels go Flying at the History Festival.

Basque Tea Towels at History Festival

The world’s largest Festival dedicated purely to history took place this weekend in the Chalke Valley near to the home of Maison Elhoria. For a week the valleys fills up with history buffs from all over the UK and some from further afield. A mix of historical talks and speakers combine with full-size tanks and teams of reenactors who demonstrate lifestyles from as far back as the early man through to the second world war land girls. 

You can catch a talk with Dan Snow or watch an 18th-century naval captain demonstrate sword fighting. It has been running since 2012 and includes bars, dining tents run by Victoria Blashford-Snell and is sponsored by the Daily Mail. If you have any interest in the history of England, how we fought our wars or something more random like the history of furniture through the Napoleonic era then this is for you. The Chalke Valley History Festival also hosted a shopping Emporium this year with a variety of trade stands including ourselves, the likes of Guillotine England with their luxry linen gilets and other traditional stalls. 

All of our products are traditionally made and could probably feature as part of the show in terms of the history of food and cloth manufacturing in Southern France over the past 2-300 years. 

Pate de Campagne

Our Pâté de Campagne went down a storm with visitors to the show, either as a supplement to their picnic or as the perfect take-home gift. We love attending these shows and would welcome invites to more. If you are looking for us at another event then please check out our event page, where we list our attendance at fairs and shows around the UK.

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